The need of logical thinking in schools

There was a time when there were no books. #Knowledge and #skills were transferred orally from generation to generation. You didn’t need to verify and examine knowledge so much. You just had to accept what your elders had told you. The jobs and professions were limited.

Then came the print industry and along with them, #books. Information, knowledge could be distributed to a larger audience then. In fact people having access to books could acquire knowledge easily.

Now is the time when information and knowledge are in abundance. But so is the misinformation. While searching for information you might get misinformation if you don’t know how to distinguish between the two. You should have the skill to understand the difference between what is reliable and what is not, what is fact and what is fiction. One can do that only when one has acquired the skill of logical thinking.

Logical thinking should be introduced at an early age, in the #schools.

Courtesy: Madan Mohan Pant M mpant

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