Security Council at 75

File:UN-Sicherheitsrat - UN Security Council - New York City - 2014 01 06.jpgThe UN Security Council Chamber at New York
Courtesy: Wikimedia Foundation, creative commons attribution, Neptuul

Security Council is the most powerful UN body with 5 permanent members and 10 non-permanent members who are elected from different regions after every two years. And we all know that it is the permanent members who call the shots with the power of veto.

Various attempts have been made to reform the Security Council in the past. The aim has been to make it a representative body that fulfills the aspirations of the member states and is able to work towards a democratic, peaceful and a just world order. But they all have failed.

In accordance with the goals of the UN, Security Council is expected to be a democratic body. But for that the veto power should be taken away from the permanent members. This seems most unlikely. But in case it becomes possible, then what would be scenario?

These five members, (US, China, France, Russia and UK) which are the most powerful states in the world, will start pulling the strings from outside the council. This might create problems of a new kind. It’s a catch 22 situation.

Now when the UN is celebrating 75 years of its existence, could we expect a global push for the reforms in the Security Council? Could we see the movement of even a small step towards a balance of powers in the council? The chances are very remote.

©arun jee

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