Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 5

In the previous episode Prof Tiwary had narrated the stories of his days as a student of BA at H D Jain College Arah in the early fifties. Here he shares an experience of his interaction with a teacher in the classroom when he was a student of MA at Patna university. Me: Sir, youContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 5”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 2

In the first episode Prof K M Tiwary narrated what had led to his involvement in the political activities as a student at Patna College. In this episode he relates the story of why he could not get admission to BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Patna College despite his good results in IA (Intermediate ofContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 2”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 7

In this episode Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary shares the story of how he got the opportunity to study in the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top universities of the US, in the mid sixties for his PhD in Linguistics. It throws some light on the political changes that were taking place in Bihar inContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 7”

Wikipedia: what, why & how?

Source: Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia & me “Why don’t you try your hand at Wikipedia”, my teacher asked me in 2009. Wikipedia was 8 years old then. It had already raced ahead of its print counterparts like Encyclopedia Britannica or Americana in terms of volume and popularity. I was only a user of this knowledge platform,Continue reading “Wikipedia: what, why & how?”