Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 4

In the previous episode Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary had narrated how he had become active in the student politics while he was pursuing BA Honours (English) in H D Jain College Arah in 1950. In this episode he shares a few anecdotes related to his activism. Me: Sir, could you share a few anecdotes ofContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 4”

Sea of Poppies: a review

My week-long voyage to Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh was full of excitement,adventure, learning and joy. Set in the historical backdrop of mid-nineteenth century the novel’s canvas is as wide as an ocean, carrying in its womb multitudes of stories, characters, themes, locations, languages…… yet remaining placid, cool and calm. I became interested in the book after reading aContinue reading “Sea of Poppies: a review”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 3

In the second episode Prof K M Tiwary shares how he was refused admission to BA in Patna college, even though he was eligible for the same. In this episode he throws some light on his life as a student at H D Jain College Arah. One may also get a glimpse here of theContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 3”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 2

In the first episode Prof K M Tiwary narrated what had led to his involvement in the political activities as a student at Patna College. In this episode he relates the story of why he could not get admission to BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Patna College despite his good results in IA (Intermediate ofContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 2”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 1

Dr Kapil Muni Tiwary was an eminent linguist who had worked as a professor of Linguistics and English literature at the universities in India, the Republic of Yemen and in Iraq for more than 50 years. He passed away on 26 April 2021. A scholar of English, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and several South Asian languagesContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 1”

Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 7

In this episode Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary shares the story of how he got the opportunity to study in the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top universities of the US, in the mid sixties for his PhD in Linguistics. It throws some light on the political changes that were taking place in Bihar inContinue reading “Conversations with Prof Kapil Muni Tiwary 7”

Wikipedia: what, why & how?

Source: Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia & me “Why don’t you try your hand at Wikipedia”, my teacher asked me in 2009. Wikipedia was 8 years old then. It had already raced ahead of its print counterparts like Encyclopedia Britannica or Americana in terms of volume and popularity. I was only a user of this knowledge platform,Continue reading “Wikipedia: what, why & how?”

Humour in the classroom

You might all wonder who is this guy and what is he up to? Is he here to teach and preach on Humour in the Classroom or is he going to create some humour in this classroom too? Let me assure you that I shall keep my own teaching or even preaching to the minimum.Continue reading “Humour in the classroom”

Divasvapna: episode 1

Gijubhai’s Divasvapna is the story of a teacher who succeeds in making innovative experiments in the classroom. In the true spirit of the book’s title the teacher daydreams of igniting a fire for learning in the students. And he works hard to turn the dream into reality. His one year journey in the classroom wasContinue reading “Divasvapna: episode 1”

e e cummings translated in Hindi

1 कौन जाने चाँद  कौन जाने चाँद  एक विमान हो,  जो खूबसूरत लोगों से भरे आसमान के एक सुन्दर से शहर से आये तुम्हें और हमें बिठाकर ले जाए फिर क्या  हम उड़ जाएं  ऊपर मंदिर, मस्जिद, गिरिजा घरों की अट्टालिकाओं सितारों और घटाओं से भी ऊपर, और ऊपर उड़कर हम पहुंच जाएं उस नैसर्गिकContinue reading “e e cummings translated in Hindi”